Friday Fun Video: Automate at a Glance

January 25, 2013

The 2013 Automate Show closed yesterday, with preliminary reports of a 40% increase in attendance from the 2011 show and good feelings from exhibitors all around. The Automate Show also allowed the robotic and automation industries to voice their success stories to the press, who’ve recently been focused on a negative portrayal of robotics.

Here’s a glimpse of several live demos at the Automate Show from the New York Times.

And who’s faster? Man or machine? An Automate attendee has a little fun at the Adept Technology booth.

Thanks to the staff of A3, the exhibitors, and everyone who worked hard to make this year’s Automate Show a success. We’ll see you all again in 2015!


Friday Fun Video: Robot Plays Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

January 4, 2013

All work and no play makes your robot a dull machine. A hard-working FANUC robot takes a break for a little friendly competition against man. Who will win in the ultimate battle of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots?

Friday Fun Video: Santa’s Toy Factory Gets an Automation Upgrade

December 21, 2012

Maybe a rise in good girls and boys required Santa to increase his efficiency — time to get those toys out!

Happy holidays from everyone at the RIA! Our offices will be closed starting Monday, Dec. 24, through Tuesday, Jan. 1. We will reopen again on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

But registration for Automate 2013 will still be open! Get your free pass to North America’s largest solutions-based showcase of automation technologies. Find your automation solution at the Automate Show, Jan. 21-24 in Chicago.

Friday Fun Video: Pixar Lamp Comes to Life

December 7, 2012

Pixar movies hold an amazing record of being powerful and charming, but they first captured our hearts with the lovable lamp that’s part of their logo. Some university students created their own playful lamp for one of their courses. He may not be much for lighting their textbooks, but he would make for a good study-break distraction.


Friday Fun Video: The Throwable Surveillance Robot

November 30, 2012

Most of the time, we’re not encouraged to throw, manhandle, or drop kick our technology. If we had a dollar for every time we heard “This is why we can’t have nice things,” we’d be able to buy new nice things. However, iRobot has no such qualms about their new robot — they want you to throw it around.

Fast Company Vs. The Robots
by Neil Ungerleider

The FirstLook is a camera-equipped throwable surveillance robot that is hardy enough to survive a fall from a second story window. It has flippers that allow it to climb up walls and stairs, and is incredibly light–the FirstLook weighs only five pounds. This reporter, in fact, found it out to his chagrin when a quick toss of the robot nearly inflicted damage on a nearby wall. They have much more impact than one would expect.

iRobot’s intended audience for the FirstLook is emergency first responders and the military. A robust video game-like controller allows viewers to move the robot like a remote-controlled vehicle while also controlling the camera. For emergency situations where surveillance of a building that humans can’t safely enter is required, the FirstLook is ideal.

Click here to see the video at Fast Company. Now, if we could only make our cell phones this hardy…

Friday Fun Video: Juggling Robot

November 23, 2012

As human-robot interactions become safer and safer in industrial and manufacturing environments, some engineers are exploring other applications. Researchers are Disney have developed a robot that can play catch with guests — and even simulate typical reactions when it drops the ball.

While Disney is thinking of theme parks and other entertainment avenues, it may not be long before parents can send their kids outside to ‘play catch’ with the family robot!


Friday Fun Video: Baseball Bat Meets Resilient Robot

November 16, 2012

Here’s something humans will never be able to do — get their fingers thwacked by a baseball bat but continue on with their job. iRobot has developed a flexible but tough robotic hand as a prototype for their DARPA ARM robot. Here they are testing out their design:

To read the article, visit IEEE Spectrum. Happy Friday!