ATI’s 5th Annual Technology Training Fair a Huge Success

September 9, 2011

Presentation CDs Available from ATI

ATI Industrial Automation recently hosted its 5th Annual Open House and Technology Training Fair at its Detroit, Michigan office on August 18. The event was a huge success, with a large turnout of guests representing a wide variety of industries and markets.

Guests from as far away as Auburn, Washington (USA) traveled to hear a variety of presentation topics and see all of the latest products and solutions from ATI. Feedback from presentations includes comments such as: “The Solutions presentation was very informative and showed different designs that incorporated ATI products, all presenting companies had something different to offer.” And, “The Bus Networks presentation was great…this is a growing part of the industry for everyone. I liked having presentations from the different companies all at the same time.” The presentations given during the day included:

New Product Developments: A look at the latest advances in robotic end-effectors and their applications that ATI has developed over the last year, including Utility Couplers, Through-Hole Tool Changers, Robotic Tool Changers used in special environments, Tool Changer Utility Modules, Force/Torque Sensor products, and a brief look at products currently under development.

Solutions – How Customers Are Using ATI Products: Specific application examples of how customers have benefited from ATI products. Presentations from customers that have actually used our products in unusual applications! Presentations by KUKA Systems – Tool Changer deployment in aerospace robotic applications, Valiant – Industrial parts washer utilizing Tool Changers, Thierica – Advancements in paint system design using Tool Changers, and Kaufman – Tool Changers utilized in packaging systems.

Product Selection and Website Navigation: Making the most of ATI’s website for product and module specifications, drawings, and models. Everything you ever needed to know and more!

Bus Networks for Tool Changers: Trends in Automotive Tool Changer applications with an overview of current bus network types, their advantages and disadvantages, and ATI Tool Changer products that support these network standards. Emphasis on “Quick Connect” for Ethernet and PROFINET. Presentations by Siemens, Rockwell, Turck, and Molex.

During the open house and only a few blocks away, AMT and Adaptive Systems joined forces with ATI and hosted their own open house with a variety of live large robotic demonstrations with ATI products. These included a flexible, two-robot cell utilizing ATI Tool Changers and a turnkey system performing structured, robotic bin-picking of brake rotor castings, also with ATI Tool Changers. Shuttle service between locations was available all day.

If you missed the event and would like to receive a copy of the presentations CD that covers all of the training topics that were discussed, please contact ATI at or 919-772-0115.