Do You Follow Tweets for Business?

September 8, 2009

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

Robots were invented before the Internet and hit the factory floor in the early 1960’s. After decades of refinement (including some really awesome GUI’s) today’s robot is easy to operate. Robotic technology appeals to all generations, but are the movers and shakers of this tech savvy industry ready to twitter?

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Rank higher in Robotics Online search results with free POP points!

September 25, 2008

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association


For a limited time, you can get free POP points that allow you to rank higher in Robotics Online searches. Normally $495, POP points are included at no charge with any advertising bundle order in October.


What is a bundle?

Qualified members get free or deeply discounted ads in the Robotics Industry Directory. A bundle upgrades these ads from good to better and includes online ads at discount rates. Bundle advertisers save money and stand out online and in print.


What is a POP point?

Similar to how AdWords work on Google, POP points increase your visibility to Robotics Online users through a weighting system that jumps member content ahead of those with less points in a category. You choose the categories and apply the POP points yourself. Order an ad bundle and get FREE POP points!


Why October?

Robotic Industries Association goes into production for its 2009 Robotics Industry Directory soon. Members must tell us now of any plans to use their ads. For most, that is free. The bundle is for anyone anticipating 12 months of online ads beyond the print Directory and interested in an arrangement that saves money. POP points are for good customers and a way for us to give sincere thanks.


Order Bundle by                   Get this many POP points

October 10                             10 ($4,950 value!)

October 17                             8 ($3,960 value!)

October 24                             6 ($2,970 value!)

October 31                             4 ($1,980 value!)


How to order a bundle

Call me and I’ll handle the paperwork (see below for rates). At some time, the process will be run from the Member Control Panel. Soon, it will be so you can purchase and manage your ads in full from this dashboard. Until then, please contact me at 734/994-6088 or by email.


For people in the business, Robotics Online is the number-one website on industrial robotics technology and generates thousands of advertising clicks every year. According to Google Analytics, some 18,000 “Absolute Unique Visitors” come around each month and do so much they make better than five times their mass in “Pageviews” running toward 98,000 per month. Thanks to search engine optimization, it is common to see member content indexed by Google and served up from Robotics Online in their searches. POP over and see what you get – great things are waiting for you.


FYI – Bundle Rates

Bronze Supplier: $1,500 ($2,160 in pieces)

Silver Supplier: $7,900 ($11,420 in pieces)

Gold Supplier: $7,500 ($10,135 in pieces)

Platinum Supplier: $7,300 ($11,535 in pieces)


Integrators: $3,910 ($5,535 in pieces)



Brian Huse

Director, Marketing & PR

Robotic Industries Association

900 Victors Way, P.O. Box 3724, Ann Arbor, MI 48106



Price War Favors Travelers to Robots 2008 in Boston

April 26, 2008

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

There is a price war right now for flights to Boston and Northwest started it.

I can’t thank them enough. This is just in time to book travel for Robots 2008 in Boston, June 10-12. Hotels are filling up fast, but the executive team at Robotic Industries Association is working tirelessly to open up new blocks as others fill. (Thank you, Jeff!)

Price drops on non-stop flights hit suddenly. My ticket to Robots 2008 in Boston was almost $300 cheaper on April 25 compared to what it was on April 23. Registration is growing fast, so I hope a lot of people see this blog in time to get their savings!

How fortunate – but odd – that just when it seemed like the economy might work against us the opposite is happening. Didn’t we all just hear that air fares are going up and airlines are cutting back?

Is this a move to bolster newly announced plans to merge Northwest and Delta? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a sign that now is the time to check out robots for your business.

Hurry – airline price wars never last long and are pretty rare these days. Now we’ve got one, and my ticket to Boston went down hard and fast. Lucky for me, RIA’s senior administrator of membership, Melissa Alderton (who is helping produce Robots 2008), found out how to redeem an airline voucher so we could pass the savings along to our company, Robotic Industries Association.

Don’t wait to get your flight to Boston for Robots 2008. Get a ticket while the airlines are smiling on travelers. I’ll be at Robots 2008 with a big smile of my own as some of the most influential people in the robotics industry assemble for high level meetings. (Welcome to Boston RIA Board!)

If ever there was the time or a place, June in Boston is it for “What’s Next” in robotics. It’s the theme of Robots 2008 which looks at new developments in Next Generation Robots, industrial robots and robot technology for the non-industrial world.

Robotics Online 2.0 in the Making

March 27, 2008

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

Two weeks ago a contract was signed to re-do the Robotic Industries Association Web site. The agreement was the culmination of more than two years of study, committee input, database investigation, specifications writing, a few bidding rounds, and high powered consultation. Meanwhile at RIA, event management continued unwaveringly and membership grew both those years, especially in the user and integrator categories.

In the last two weeks, RIA and its Web developer (AIMG out of New Jersey) opened up the secret lab where ingredients were mixed to grow the DNA of the new Robotics Online site. The new site’s life will have its inspiration drawn from basic building blocks developed about four years ago by RIA’s MARCOM Committee. Also contributing to the magic is bits and pieces from the Statistics Committee, the Membership Committee, the New Markets Committee, the Education Committee, Board members and others with a stake in the robotics industry.

Even people who visited the old site (i.e. the one that’s up while I write this blog) contributed through survey input. The tradition of comprehensive inclusion continues.

Along with a rich heritage, big changes are at hand with the new site. For one thing, database interaction will be enhanced exponentially. Flood gates will open and more data than ever will transfer to site visitors and members. Members will have dashboard access to their corner of a site that is alive with thousands of visitors per day.

Visitors who always have been drawn to the site will have far more to be attracted to when it comes to robotics. Search aids will speed their navigation and increase their productive time on the site. Information will flow from far more sources as the Association enhances its database with more functionality. Results will be easier to get, ever more relevant and increasingly meaningful.

Stage one of the Web site is scheduled to role out in time for Robots 2008: What’s Next. More than 3,000 documents will be touched when it is done. Member’s Only access will be more than rewarding; it will be useful in running a business.

In the last two weeks, we here at the RIA lab have been working on deployment of a new Robotics Online Web site. It started with intense data mining, and will commence with a fury, building at the same time a marketing wave launches for Robots 2008 this June. Look out, cyber world and robot buffs everywhere; Robotics Online “two-point-oh” is in the making.

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March 12, 2007

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