Robots Prep 1 Million Doses of Medicine

Medicine strives not only to cure our sicknesses and make us feel better but also to prevent us from getting sick in the first place. The pharmaceutical industry has employed robots to help fill and package medicine, taking extra care to make sure the doses are prepared in a sterile environment and using automation to safe guard against contamination.

Robotic IV Automation (RIVA) System Has Provided More Than 1 Million Medication Doses Safely and Accurately

RIVA eliminates cross-contamination and errors in delicate medication preparations. The exacting robotic system not only automates crucial compounding processes that are vulnerable to human error, but uses UV pulse disinfection for medication bags and vials to eliminate bacterial and fungal contamination. The device’s advanced technology also provides clean air flow that is critical to ensuring a sterile environment for compounding. RIVA’s safety record has been demonstrated by more than 50,000 routine quality control checks at 27 RIVA sites that have found no contamination in compounds produced by the machines.

RIVA systems have been installed in hospital pharmacies and compounding pharmacies, both of which need to produce high volumes of made-to-order medications safely and accurately. RIVA allows pharmacies to prepare compounded medications in compliance with the most stringent pharmacy regulations, with the added benefits of significantly reducing the cost-per-dose and reducing vulnerability to medication shortages. The system provides a complete electronic audit trail that identifies every product being used, weighs the medications pre- and post-mixture and labels every dispensed product.

Read the full brief here at Robotics Tomorrow. What are other ways you see robots being used to increase the safety and productivity of the pharmaceutical industry?


2 Responses to Robots Prep 1 Million Doses of Medicine

  1. More than one million doses of medicine prepared by robots? What an interesting milestone! We didn’t even think that pharmaceutical industry employs robots to help fill and package medicine! And what makes it a real achievement is that this has been done accurately and safely!

  2. Cheryl Beebe says:

    When it comes to the production of medication, everything needs to be precise. If a dosage is even off slightly there can be a very harmful effect. Technology in the industry has been critical in improving the accuracy of dosage.

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