Robots Cut Costs, Increase Productivity for Solar Farms

As companies explore the use of alternative energy, many are integrating robotics and other forms of automation to refine their methods. One such company is exploring the use of tiny robots to help manage their solar panels, boosting their productivity.

Qbotix Sees Tiny Robots Reducing Solar Costs, Boosting Output
By Andrew Herndon

Qbotix has developed battery-powered robots that ride on a monorail around arrays of solar panels and link up with each to mechanically tilt them toward the sun, performing the same function as standard tracking systems without the need for extra steel and motors. The systems will cost about the same as standard single-axis trackers, Bokhari said, without disclosing the price.

“The benefit we provide is that, without any cost difference, the project owners can generate 8 to 15 percent more energy compared to single-axis tracking systems and 30 to 40 percent more energy than fixed-mount systems,” Bokhari said.

The technology may reduce the levelized cost of solar energy by as much as 20 percent compared to projects without tracking systems, Qbotix said today in a statement.

Read the full article here at Bloomberg. What other methods have you seen for integrating robotics into solar energy production or other forms of alternative energy?


2 Responses to Robots Cut Costs, Increase Productivity for Solar Farms

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