Robots Assist Farmers in the Agricultural Industry

Robots are a staple in the food and beverage industry, especially when it comes to sorting, picking, and packaging. However, how often do you see a robot working at the start of the production process, outside of the factory and on the farm?

From Science Fiction To Fact, Robots Are Coming To A Farm Near You
by Jeremy Bernfeld

[S]ome dairies are trying out new milking technology. It goes beyond just a little attachment to a cow’s udder that squeezes the milk out. This takes it a step further, using a robotic arm to prepare and clean the udders, attach the milking equipment, and monitor the cow’s health. (Check out the cool video here)

Robot technologies like these can buy farmers a little more time off.

“Just this past Christmas we had a customer of ours that had started up two of our (robotic milkers) with their herd,” says Mark Futcher, product manager for an automatic milking machine made by DeLaval. “That Christmas morning was the first time that gentleman had ever been witness to his children finding their Christmas stockings.”

Read the full article here on Capital Public Radio. What other ways can robots help out our farmers?


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