Robot Accessorizing Leads to New Applications

Just like any outfit can be spruced up with new accessories or any car customized with add-on features, so can robot technology take on new applications as it’s accessorized for custom-tailored solutions. The following article takes a look at how new tooling and other accessories are impacting the robotic industry.

Changing, machining, compensating: current trends in robot accessories

In dealing with industrial robot efficiency, cycle rate and process reliability largely depend on their front ends, the grippers and other tools and also from the effectors’ interfaces to the robot arm. Robot accessories have a great influence on the robot’s performance, flexibility and fields of application. The latest developments in quick-change systems, driven tools, compensation units and power sensors show that the potentials of modern accessory components are enormous. Experts assume that their importance for handling, assembly and manufacturing will continuously increase.

Read the full article here. What instances of robotic accessorizing do you see leading the way to change and new applications?


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