Fast Forward for Image-Based ID Readers

Cognex Corporation (as seen on Robotics Online)

VSoC-powered readers increase read rates, reduce downtime and speed setup

In the not-so-distant past, manufacturers using laser scanners and conventional area-scan image based readers had to put up with inherent technology limitations. Laser scanners, for example, have a hard time reading barcodes through plastic shrink-wrap, barcodes printed on flexible material such as plastic bags, and damaged barcodes. When reading 2-D barcodes, manufacturers had to turn to conventional area-scan image-based readers, which come with depth of field limitations that make it difficult to read codes without controlling the distance between the barcode and the reader.

Thanks to next generation area scan image based readers powered by Vision System on Chip (VSoC) technology, those days are over. With its high speed, large depth of field, extremely high read rates, the ability to handle damaged codes, omnidirectional reading, and multi-code reading ability, as well 2-D symbol reading capability, this next generation of image-based readers is poised to make life easier for manufacturers.

See Robotics Online for the entire Case Study


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