A Lean-Mean Welding Cell

Motoman Robotics (as seen on Robotics Online)

…pairs a material-handling robot to manipulate weld fixtures with a robotic welder. Together the robotic duo tackles multiple part configurations and small batch sizes.

Material Handling and Arc Welding Robots in New Cell at MidmarkHealthcare-product manufacturer Midmark Corp, knows robotic welding inside and out. Back in 2005 the firm outfitted its 225,000-sq.-ft. plant in Versailles, OH, with a Motoman Robotics-integrated automated resistance-welding cell to assemble cabinets for a new line of examination tables. The cell brought new life to the firm’s stable of metal-fabricating equipment, including press brakes, laser-cutting machines, stamping presses and seven dedicated assembly lines. It has since added a Motoman® robotic gas-metal-arc-welding cell, for higher-volume assemblies.

More recently, Midmark went looking for a solution to handle lower-volume work—a lean arc-welding cell, if you will—to handle small batches and multiple part configurations.

“Our Power Procedures line of medical tables supports a wide range of specialty procedures,” says Midmark manufacturing engineer Joe Wuebker.  “These tables can include any number of accessories, and they’re delivered within an extremely tight three-day lead time.  Virtually every table is a custom order whose assembly requires as many as 30 different weldments.”

See Robotics Online for the full case study


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