Nabtesco Doesn’t Just Sell Mollywhite – Their Gears Move Robots, too!

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

Automation serves many purposes but no matter what market or industry you are in chances are you’ve heard of Mollywhite grease. However, did you know that Nabtesco, the company behind Mollywhite, also supplies gears for a vast number of industrial robots?

Fortune allowed me to visit Nabtesco’s open house and grand opening of its new Farmington Hills, Michigan facility on a hot summer day this year. As luck would have it, I was not able to get there until shadows were stretching far to the east so I missed all the big activities, but I did learn quite a bit in the short time I spent with Jason Lazar, Nabtesco’s North American Sales Manager.

My robot collection with Mollywhite grease by Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

Mollywhite soothes your achy joints (if you are an automaton)

I also got a new display piece for my robot collection – and fortune smiled again because there is candy in my Mollywhite container!

It turns out Nabtesco is bigger than just robotics. They provide motion solutions from brake systems on commercial trucks to servos that move and aim satellite antenna dishes. Their products are in space, on earth and below the seas wherever precision motion and reliability is needed.

Business is booming at Nabtesco. They expanded to handle the increased load which is why they moved to a new building. When I visited (on a 100-degree F. day!), top executives were in from Japan, including Nabtesco President, Chihiro Higuchi, who found time to greet and give me a warm welcome.

It was well after hours and I couldn’t stay long, but it was a good visit to have and if you get the chance, you should give them a call. We hope you always choose an RIA member. They truly know their business. (Nabtesco has been a member of Robotic Industries Association since 1999.)


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