Why I Want You to Follow Me on Twitter

By Jeff Burnstein, President, Robotic Industries Association

Nearly two years ago at the Robotics Industry Forum James Spellos, a social networking expert, said that if he could have just one social networking resource, it would be Twitter. At the time, I think just one hand out of 200+ people in the room said they had used Twitter. Today it is growing exponentially and I think I know why. It’s the best way I know to get information out in a hurry.

For instance, we are about to announce the first half robotics statistics results. I usually send an email to all of our members letting them know the stats have been posted online. This can take hours, especially if our webmasters are in the midst of a deadline. With Twitter, I can write a 140 character or less note, attach the link, and the word is out to every one of my “followers.”

The same is true for any information I need to communicate in a hurry, whether it be about events, new developments in Washington that impact the industry, or updates on robotics standards. You can get the “tweets” on your phone as well as on your computer — it’s as easy as can be.

Now, I know that many people are ignoring their emails because there are so many cluttering our inboxes. At the same Forum where he lauded Twitter, Spellos declared “email is dead.” At the time I thought he was crazy, but when I look at our open rates for mass emails, I think he’s correct. If not dead, email is certainly on life support.

By the way, we’ve invited Jim Spellos back for the upcoming Forum in Orlando, January 18-20, 2012. I know he’ll be full of great new insights on the fast-moving social networking marketplace.

So, I want you all to take a second to become a follower of my tweets. I am @jeffburnstein on twitter.com. I promise to keep the tweets relevant and interesting. In addition to business info, I’ll occasionally talk about my personal interests such as books, movies, sports, travel, and wine, to name a few. But I promise I won’t create “Twitter Litter” in your inbox!


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