After 50 Years of Robotics What is Happening with PLC’s?

Robotiq, a new member this year with Robotic Industries Association, takes a perspective on robotics from the end-effector up, and in a recent blog of theirs they also look at robot technology for PLC’s from the past, present and future. Thank you, Samuel Bouchard, President, Robotiq, for adding new levels of insight into robotics based on RIA’s tribute display to 50 years of robotics (special display during Automate 2011).

In the words of M. Bouchard. . .

50 Years of Robotics Tribute at Automate 2011

50 Years of Robotics Tribute Booth at Automate 2011

“The teach pendant is the most common interface to program an industrial robot. (PLC’s from generations ago were on display) in the Tribute to 50 Years of Industrial Robotics at Automate 2011. I was impressed by how rudimentary the first pendants were compared to what they look like today. Even more impressive were the memory devices upon which the robot programs were recorded. Looking at the magnetic tape tells me that early roboticists must have been very patient people…”

See full Robotiq blog…


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