Automate and ProMat Grow

You can tell a lot of energy is  building for Automate and ProMat by how they attract activity from other organizations. By one report there are five events to be held concurrently as tens of thousands of people converge for these two shows that combine interests found in matters of automation for material handling and logistics. It all happens March 21-24, 2011, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

Modern Materials Handling covers this growing phenomenon in a recent update: “5 co-located events to be held at ProMat 2011.”



One Response to Automate and ProMat Grow

  1. Jay Snow says:

    Material handling, logistics, and the costs associated with them play a major role in how businesses are able to produce cost effective and profitable parts and products. Feel free to download our free Costimator Standards Handbook found at 800-644-4318.

    Also, the Costimator manufacturing cost estimating software used by job shops and OEM’s, since 1982, includes the standards in the system ready for calculation of machining, assembly and material handling times.

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