January in Orlando, Chicago in March

By Jeff Burnstein, RIA President

These locations may not have the ring of April in Paris, but they surely will be part of an exciting first quarter for the robotics industry.

RIA Robotics Industry Forum 2011More than 250 people have already registered to attend the upcoming Robotics Industry Forum, January 19-21, 2011 at the beautiful Boardwalk Hotel at Disney World, and we expect the final number to top 300.  What makes this so exciting is that the attendees are from the robotics, machine vision and motion control industries, creating new opportunities for collaboration across industries.  For the list of exciting speakers and topics, as well as the names of the pre-registrants, be sure to check out this link: http://www.robotics.org/events/event.cfm?id=80

RIA, AIA, and MCA now have some 575 combined member companies.  We see the synergies between these technologies every day as robots, vision, and motion control combine with other key products to form complete automation solutions.

Automate 2011 Show and ConferenceSolutions. That’s going to be a big emphasis for RIA in 2011 as we tell potential users around the world that our members provide the solutions they need to be stronger competitors.  We’re putting our money where our mouth is by offering system integrators free space right at the front of the Automate 2011 show in Chicago, March 21-24.

The Integrated Solutions Center already has more than 15 leading integrators signed up to showcase a wide variety of solutions for applications in a wide-range of industries.  With ProMat collocated with us, we think we’re going to have our best attended show in well over a decade and are looking forward to Automate 2011 helping expand sales for our members.  For full details on Automate, be sure to visit www.automate2011.com.

Of course, before we get to these events, we need to make it through the holiday season.  Some of you know that last year I went through a lifestyle change that involved eating healthier and exercising more.  I’m happy to say that I lost nearly 20 pounds to get to my target weight and kept it off for over a year.

This year’s Thanksgiving break erased some of those gains and I don’t even want to think about what could happen during the Christmas and New Year’s season if I don’t get serious right now.  So, it’s back to basics, carefully watching what I eat and walking, walking, walking.  I know this works and have complete confidence that I will be back to the target weight by the time of the Forum, if not much sooner.

Which brings me back to solutions:  for all of the companies out there who have put on excess baggage, lost their competitive edge, forgotten the “basics” of success, Automate 2011 can help you find solutions to your challenges.  Whether you just walk the show or attend conference sessions, I know you’ll find Automate 2011 valuable and hope to see you there!

And, whether you’re a user, supplier, integrator or researcher, I hope you’ll jump-start the year by joining us at the Forum in Orlando.

It will be a fantastic first quarter and I hope you’ll be a part of it!


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