Meet New Members of Robotic Industries Assocition

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & Public Relations, RIA

Meet new members of Robotic Industries Association

It is encouraging how many members remained true to RIA during the Great Recession, and how now membership is growing with companies from new markets like the grocery retailing industry. Fortunately, many new integrators are joining the ranks of RIA, too, and they are needed by a growing segment of non-automotive users.

Automotive applications have always been lifeblood to the robotics industry. These highly demanding customers dictated the rules long ago by insisting on robots that work reliably and accurately in dirty, harsh conditions.

When I spoke with Bob Little at the ATI Industrial Automation Open House in Michigan this year, he surprised me with an observation about robots in an equally demanding field: medical. Designing products for this liability-rich industry requires nerve and tight quality control. What he says he has found is that most companies in the medical field could learn something from quality control used by robotics companies.

Members that join RIA are in good company. This industry has bred some of the most innovative and safest approaches to  production processes ever seen. When you automate, you by necessity must evaluate and improve an entire process. Commitment to quality and expert problem solving is what sets RIA members apart. If you feel the same, please join us!


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