Early Bird Discount Ends Soon for National Robot Safety Conference

August 31, 2010

One week to deadline for Early Bird Discount on registration for RIA’s National Robot Safety Conference http://ht.ly/2vScs

A new robot safety standard is set to take effect in 2011. Manufacturers have already started producing robots that are compliant. Users and integrators now must consider guidelines that are harmonized with ISO.  For more than a decade, OSHA has referred to the ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 Robot Safety Standard but times change and so has the standard.

See a free webinar to hear and see changes to the standard directly from RIA – before they go into effect.  Additional training is offered by RIA at the 22nd annual National Robot Safety Conference (September 27-29, 2010, Indianapolis, IN), which previews the R15.06 (2011) Robot Safety Standard Draft in more detail.

Click here for a page (form) that takes you to the video. If you are new to robots, or even a veteran, now is the time to see how the new robot safety standard will affect you.


Back to School Special: Watch Career Opportunities in Robotics Video

August 27, 2010

Go straight to the video and skip the sign-in form: http://ht.ly/2vS32

Did you know for just $350 you can sponsor an educational institution with Robotic Industries Association? RIA members are invited to invest in the future workforce who may one day specify or use your technology.

Membership for qualified educational institutions is $350 annually. If a sponsorship relationship is established, the sponsor pays the dues and the two receive joint recognition from RIA and on Robotics Online. Together, the parties can develop mutually beneficial arrangements such as displays or assets in the school’s manufacturing or robotics lab, a pipeline to interns and more.

Educator members can use RIA for student recruitment with Robotics Online. Professors can have professionally reviewed papers and unlimited content on RIA’s website. There are special savings on RIA events and networking privileges through Ask the Experts.

Say, “Yes” to a partnership with Education members of RIA. Call 734/994-6088 for more details.

Meet New Members of Robotic Industries Assocition

August 27, 2010

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & Public Relations, RIA

Meet new members of Robotic Industries Association http://ht.ly/2qXtk

It is encouraging how many members remained true to RIA during the Great Recession, and how now membership is growing with companies from new markets like the grocery retailing industry. Fortunately, many new integrators are joining the ranks of RIA, too, and they are needed by a growing segment of non-automotive users.

Automotive applications have always been lifeblood to the robotics industry. These highly demanding customers dictated the rules long ago by insisting on robots that work reliably and accurately in dirty, harsh conditions.

When I spoke with Bob Little at the ATI Industrial Automation Open House in Michigan this year, he surprised me with an observation about robots in an equally demanding field: medical. Designing products for this liability-rich industry requires nerve and tight quality control. What he says he has found is that most companies in the medical field could learn something from quality control used by robotics companies.

Members that join RIA are in good company. This industry has bred some of the most innovative and safest approaches to  production processes ever seen. When you automate, you by necessity must evaluate and improve an entire process. Commitment to quality and expert problem solving is what sets RIA members apart. If you feel the same, please join us!

Don’t be Alarmed – It’s Just a Robot I’m Talking From

August 26, 2010

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

Personal robot from Anybots

Anybots robot

When a security alarm goes off in a deserted office building at night and a robot meets first responders at the door to see what happened does it mean we’ve entered the age of the Jetsons? What if that robot gives its owner the ability to see, hear, and talk with the response team while following them as they search the building?

It is fun to hypothesize on such matters. But this is no blue sky musing. It happened at the offices of Anybots and with his QB robot their CEO was able to greet the (surprised) firemen even though he was physically miles away. Commercialization of this robot is underway and if you attend Automate, March 21-24, 2011, in Chicago, Illinois you may find yourself in the company of more than just a few robotically enhanced telepresence devices such as this.

MobileRobots Show Kiosk from Adept Technologies

MobileRobots autonomous kiosk for Automate 2011.

MobileRobots, an Adept company, sells a robot that guides itself, delivers needed items and interacts safely and productively with its surroundings. Adept Technology will be on hand at Automate to help reveal how far the technology has evolved for field use whether you have a shop, lab, office or warehouse. Anybots also plans to participate at the Show.

Explaining and showing technology like this on the World Wide Web is fine for some things, but to see mobile robots working among throngs of people at a busy trade show – that is truly impressive.

Better yet, these robots cause no interference to the mechanical work cells on the show floor at Automate where you can see everything from industrial robots and inspection devices to end effectors (and AGVs plus warehouse automation in the adjacent hall occupied by ProMat).

We are long past the time when robots are chained to the factory floor.

Most people have no idea how well developed this technology is, which brings us back to robots that can monitor and respond to security issues. The story about Anybots was seen at the San Jose Mercury News site … see for yourself: “Remote-controlled robots are entering the workforce.”

Then really see for yourself. Come to Automate 2011, March 21-24, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. You’ll be in interesting company.

Meet RIA new member Camfil Farr – video

August 26, 2010

Meet RIA new member Camfil Farr – video with their President Lee Morgan on General Norman Schwarzkopf’s televsion series http://ht.ly/2uD1D

Adept Technology Fiscal 2010 4th Q and Y

August 24, 2010

Adept Technology Fiscal 2010 4th Q and Year-End Financial Results … by conference call on Thursday, Aug. 26, at 2 PM PT http://ht.ly/2qWSb

Northwire’s custom-engineered, military-grade power, control, data and communication cables and wires are made in America

August 23, 2010

Northwire’s custom-engineered, military-grade power, control, data and communication cables and wires are made in America http://ht.ly/2qWAn

An innovative solutions provider in the marketing, design and manufacture of technical and retractile cables, announces, Northwire has  formed a government business unit to meet the growing demand from the United States Government, civilian research agencies, core government suppliers, contractors and affiliate organizations. Northwire’s custom-engineered, military-grade power, control, data and communication cables and wires are made in America and guaranteed to exceed application requirements.

The senior director to lead Northwire’s government business unit, Paul PierAgostini has more than 15 years of strategic planning, business development, and program and product management experience in the defense industry. His exceptional industry knowledge and leadership skills will enhance the company’s continued commitment to provide combat-proven, budget-compliant cables delivered fast with no minimum order length or quantity requirements.

Full details on Robotics Online.