Webinar Shows How to Use Your Member Benefits

RIA members can login and use the Member Control Panel to publish content and monitor traffic to their pages.

See for yourself what RIA members can do (watch the recording).

Brand marketing can be as simple as uploading your logo to Robotics Online. Attract users of the site by posting content and the results can be quite impressive. In fact, you can use My Company Traffic to monitor activity for your Robotics Online content.

Tips on Robotics Online publishing tools, including
• Editorial Content
• Product Listings
• Service Listings

Sales leads: What they are and how to get them
• Lead Distribution
• RFQs Received
• Contacts Received

Strategic Marketing Tips

• Indexing by Google 
• My Company Traffic 
• Ask the Experts

One Response to Webinar Shows How to Use Your Member Benefits

  1. Ujrail says:

    RIA Looks great and beneficial for members interested in robotics!

    I also want to share a news with robot lovers; it’s for designers. Check out http://www.lifeintheroboticslab.com/contest to know more about REEM-C outer cover design contest and don’t miss a chance to win $1200

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