FREE FRIDAY: Career Opportunities in Robotics Webinar Replay

FREE FRIDAY. Career Opportunities in Robotics webinar replay. Skip registration and go straight to the video:

Industry and regulatory issues are examined where robotics are used or can be used in food applications. Robotic Industries Association members and a guest from the USDA comprise a panel that look at guidelines for sanitary design and implementation of robotics in various phases of food processing. From raw material handling to the end of the line and even into the delivery truck – robots with a proven track record for safety and reliability are ready to help.

RIA members know the meat and poultry processing industry can benefit from the use of robotics. In many processes in the factory, the work or conditions may not be pleasant and these are frequently opportunities for robotics. Robots now work on end-of-line handling and packaging of processed meats, and a few applications are emerging further upstream in beef and pork, including trimming, cutting, and certain slaughtering operations. Robots also are used in poultry; and in some applications for egg and chick processing.

With stringent health regulations that vary from country to country, food production is not safely or easily outsourced. Yet there are many mundane tasks and turnover is high in some of the more grueling food processing jobs. West Liberty Foods LLC, of West Liberty, Iowa, is one example of industry leadership when it comes to using robots, and Pepperidge Farm is a pioneer in the use of robots for cookie assembly. Ask an RIA member to help you evaluate the possibilities.


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