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June 28, 2010

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See for yourself what RIA members can do (watch the recording).

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FREE FRIDAY: Career Opportunities in Robotics Webinar Replay

June 25, 2010

FREE FRIDAY. Career Opportunities in Robotics webinar replay. Skip registration and go straight to the video: http://ht.ly/23k0C

Industry and regulatory issues are examined where robotics are used or can be used in food applications. Robotic Industries Association members and a guest from the USDA comprise a panel that look at guidelines for sanitary design and implementation of robotics in various phases of food processing. From raw material handling to the end of the line and even into the delivery truck – robots with a proven track record for safety and reliability are ready to help.

RIA members know the meat and poultry processing industry can benefit from the use of robotics. In many processes in the factory, the work or conditions may not be pleasant and these are frequently opportunities for robotics. Robots now work on end-of-line handling and packaging of processed meats, and a few applications are emerging further upstream in beef and pork, including trimming, cutting, and certain slaughtering operations. Robots also are used in poultry; and in some applications for egg and chick processing.

With stringent health regulations that vary from country to country, food production is not safely or easily outsourced. Yet there are many mundane tasks and turnover is high in some of the more grueling food processing jobs. West Liberty Foods LLC, of West Liberty, Iowa, is one example of industry leadership when it comes to using robots, and Pepperidge Farm is a pioneer in the use of robots for cookie assembly. Ask an RIA member to help you evaluate the possibilities.

Advanced Magnet Lab Proposes Solution to Gulf Oil Disaster

June 16, 2010

RIA member, Advanced Magnet Lab, appears on CNN with proposal to stop Gulf oil disaster. ( http://ht.ly/1ZfYB ). Scheduled for 1:45 PM EST.

Other members and friends probably have much to contribute when it comes to emergency management and disaster response. Robots were with first responders to the site of the BP drilling disaster. This is often the case, with many examples ranging from the robotic SAR work of Dr. Robin Murphy at the World Trade Center to Canada’s space arm which helps with repairs on the International Space Station.

What can engineers in our cutting edge robotics field do to help solve this or the next deep water disaster?

MSNBC Covers Robots and Jobs

June 14, 2010

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, RIA

National and global circumstances with the economy make job concerns about as prominent as any other issue. Such laser focus on jobs can lead to questions about how technology (like robotics) will affect job opportunities. In these modern times it seems more likely than ever that, “Your new co-worker may be a robot,” as reported by MSNBC.

But will it be safe? Job safety and job security are not exactly the same issue but they are related. An unsafe or mundane job does not make for an ideal occupation – unless you are a robot. And even if your company is thinking about robots that means they may have a technological vision for improving job conditions and competing for more business. Typically, more business leads to higher job security.

RIA President Jeffrey Burnstein has addressed this issue in several media appearances, including the report from MSNBC.

Here’s an excerpt…

While robots have been around for decades, they’ve mostly been used in manufacturing jobs considered too dangerous for humans. “Big robots were often behind fences,” says Jeff Burnstein, president of the Robotic Industries Assn., a trade group in Ann Arbor, Mich., that promotes wider use of robots in industry. “Now, we’re seeing movement in making robots more intrinsically safe so they can work side-by-side with humans.”

RIA’s National Robot Safety Conference

RIA is on the verge of releasing the biggest revision in more than a decade to the ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 National Robot Safety Standard. It is designed to help make it easier and even more affordable to use robots safely and interact with them more directly. (More details.)

MSNBC is right when it says, “advances — especially in safety — have their (robots) use on the rise.”

If your next co-worker is a robot RIA wants it to be safe!

What do you think the next generation will do with robots?

RIA Market Trends Webinars

June 8, 2010

RIA Market Trends Webinars = industry intelligence. Speakers who know the robot business explain when robots work best http://ht.ly/1U4F4

July 1 Robot One-day Safety Standard Seminar

June 7, 2010

Robot Safety Standard one-day seminar July 1 in Corning, NY, hosted by Corning Incorporated. http://ht.ly/1V3JW

As we near Independence Day in the U.S., it is a good time to think about safety whatever you are doing. If you are on patrol, in the office, at home or anywhere in between have a safe day every day.

In honor of those who serve, we salute the visionaries who deploy robots into hazardous zones. Robots are far easier to replace than people.

Nebraska state patrol bomb squad gets new robot

Bomb Squads Sharpen Skills In Robot Rodeo

Robots Save Lives on July 4 and Year Round

And the silliest video of the day on robot safety goes to…

How to get a Robot to set off fireworks using LEGO NXT

Do robots take jobs? Another country heard from

June 7, 2010

Do robots take jobs? Another country heard from as Jeanne Dietsch of MobileRobots comments on the topic. http://ht.ly/1U475