RIA Robot Safety Training Seminar Hosted in New York by Corning

By Jim Adams and Brian Huse, Robotic Industries Association

Robot Safety Training in Corning, New YorkRobotic Industries Association takes its safety training seminar to Corning, New York for a one-day robot safety seminar on July 1. Hosting our event is Corning Incorporated, a pioneer in the use of robots for non-automotive applications and long-standing member of RIA.

We start first thing in the morning with a thorough introduction to all of the essential information contained in the ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 Robot Safety Standard. Here, you will learn the basic safety guidelines for robotic applications, identify key elements of the robot safety standard and apply provisions of the standard in daily operations. Seminar includes an introduction on the ANSI/RIA/ISO 10218-1-2007 Standard.

In the afternoon is a “guided tour” through each stage of a risk assessment as specified in the Robot Safety Standard. You learn to identify necessary tasks, identify possible hazards, determine risk reduction requirements, reason possible solutions to reduce risk, validate proposed solutions and document the risk assessment.

Download a Syllabus containing complete course agenda.

This cost-effective one-day course format is useful for training a limited number of workers, and its one-day format minimizes time away from the worksite. Help make your workplace safer this year by joining us!

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3 Responses to RIA Robot Safety Training Seminar Hosted in New York by Corning

  1. Jeanette Young says:

    I’m from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Justin Gullotta is registered for your workshop which was charged to the center director John Wen. John’s card has been charged and I need to have a receipt in the amount of $595. When we registered I didn’t get any confirmation and assumed you would either email wenj@rpi or gulloj@rpi.edu. Can you email me a receipt or tell me how to go about getting one?

    Jeanette Young
    Administrative Associate
    Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS)
    CII 8011, 110 8th St.
    Troy, NY 12
    Phone: 518-276-8744 Fax: 518-276-4897

  2. Brian Huse says:

    Thanks for staying in touch, Jeanette. I’ll have someone contact you and take care of this. If you need to reach us more quickly, please call 734/994-6088.

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