Robots for Shish Kababs

“It’s the first kebab robot anywhere in the world,” he said in English with a strong cockney accent.

As well as the speed, the main advantage of the robot is hygiene, he said. “Kebab slicers, when they are cutting the meat, get very sweaty because they are close to the grill. We take that problem out, so it’s better in the end for the customer.”

But is Kalyoncu not worried his robot could put kebab shop owners out of work?

“At the end of the day, you still need people to stay there. What we’re saying is: it’s more hygienic and it’s easier. Why not just let the machine do the work?”

Judging by the interest around his machine, many of Germany’s army of shawarma shop owners may soon be doing exactly that.

Food Robots Webinar by RIA during National Robotics WeekWill the food robot revolution spread in Europe faster than in the U.S.? Possibly, but RIA is peeling back the curtain on how robots are used by North American companies in food processing.

(See full story about Robots for Shish Kababs)


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