RIA Member KTS Marketing Solutions Helps You Find Valued Customers (and so does RIA)

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

RIA Consultant member, Tim DeRossett of KTS Marketing Solutions, started a LinkedIn discussion group for “Discover, Develop and Deliver VALUE.” No doubt this relates to customer value mapping, something Tim has fine-tuned and offers as a service. He is best qualified to present that issue, and we are glad he does that as a member of RIA so we can honor him for his credentials (and because he is such a good ambassador for the Association).

Robotics Online statistics for members; dashboard monitors traffic on www.robotics.org

New! My Company Traffic is a 24/7 statistics package available to RIA members.

At RIA, we look to deliver value by providing tools that give you new ways to take advantage of our network of industry leaders with material you already have. Our newest benefit for members is access to real-time stats for their company traffic on Robotics Online which is a great metric when it comes to finding valued customers. Members can see which pages get the most attention and maybe draw conclusions about leveraging that.

Whatever we do, customers are developing opinions about us for reasons we may not always know. Some of our members prefer word-of-mouth as their main sales and marketing tactic. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t forget that what others say about us may not reach our ears and might even be contrary to what we want our customers to think about us.

If we do not occupy space in the areas where our customers live, online or on the street, we may lose control of the message related to our value statement as an institution. This applies whether you are an association or a business; big or small. 

One way to influence your customer base is to ensure your information is consistent. One way to be consistent is to have a mission statement or a written marketing plan. These can help you calibrate your customer relationships in ways that eliminate wasted time on those not really in need of a service offered and to focus on those who are ideal customers. 

If I could make a suggestion: take a key word or two from your mission statement or from a marketing plan and think about how you address it. Put it in writing and post it on your website and on Robotics Online as a service or product or news or editorial or all those things. This exercise is one we can consider as a way to find our best customers. I’m sure Tim goes beyond this kind of simple exercise and can help you with meaningful help on value mapping, so please seek him out for your prospecting needs. 

If you are interested in controlling your message more by using Robotics Online let me know. We have easy-to-use solutions that are available in the Member Control Panel, newest of which is a stats function for members (“My Company Traffic).” 

Questions? My office number is 734/994-6088. Thanks!


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