Holiday from Cutbacks: Prosperity at Fronius All Yearlong

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

I was talking to Stephanie Sartwell at Fronius today and so glad to hear some genuine good holiday news. In a time when most companies are pulling back, many are cutting back and some hurting a lot … this one is prospering and hiring.

Fronius, maker of digital welding technology, robot applications, prospers in Brighton, Michigan

Blue skies at RIA member Fronius in Brighton, Michigan

Their office in Brighton, Michigan is nestled in a vibrant pocket of scenic Michigan. Inside are really enthusiastic people who work for a company that has long been a leader in digital welding technology. There have been no layoffs this year; no cutbacks, according to Ms. Sartwell. Business has been good.

Looking back at where they started, as a maker of battery chargers and welding transformers, one can trace the roots of their success today based on a core value “… to continue to foster employees’ enthusiasm for customer-oriented activities and innovations in battery charging systems, welding technology and solar electronics, and to secure financial independence.”

Talking with Ms. Sartwell is a good way to catch a dose of what drives the success of Fronius – she is enthusiastic and passionate.

“Fronius avoids debt and uses cash which works well in these economic down times,” said Ms. Sartwell. She has happy news to share that they are growing and hiring (executive sales assistant for the Brighton location and area sales manager to work in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area).

“Not everyone’s hurting,” she said, “and it is nice to be able to talk about ones that are prospering.”

We had a good chat that seemed worth sharing. Fronius is a newer member of Robotic Industries Association, and one we are glad to have. Get to know them and all of RIA’s members in the New Year, won’t you? It is a good way to learn about the best new products for users of robotics and automation.

Happy Holidays!


One Response to Holiday from Cutbacks: Prosperity at Fronius All Yearlong

  1. Den says:

    Why the layoffs in Canada in 2009 then?

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