Motion Controls Robotics Handles Economy and Material

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

Demand is up at Motion Controls Robotics, an RIA member since 2005. Unit volume is up, especially for used systems, while revenue is holding its own and may well rise above last year’s mark according Testimonial Sidebar: Motion Controls Roboticsto President, Scott Lang.

We were chatting about new content he had posted on Robotics Online (see their video), and he mentioned his company’s expertise in lights-out warehouse design. This includes the integration of automated guided vehicles and automation of the process all the way to truck loading.

Motion Controls Robotics’ customers range in applications from paper to food and beverage, and in many cases the common thread is material handling. They also have a reputation for arc welding systems which leverages their design strength for complex path planning.

President Lang takes solid aim at improving a customer’s bottom line through gains in efficiency and quality. He is on a mission to “keep North American manufacturing competitive” and he backs it up with a successful company stocked with plenty of talent and design resources.

It is hard to argue with success. Business is good for this Ohio-based company and solid results keep their customers strong and happy.


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