Robot Company Builds Big Reputation on Batches of One

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

If you looked for 10 years to find a robotic solution for welding structural steel and couldn’t find one suitable for low production runs you might conclude this is not a good application for robots. Unless you are Waiward Steel Fabricators, deemed one of Canada’s 50-Best Managed Companies – then maybe you would persist until you finally found it: SmartTCP of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

SmartTCP, an RIA member company since 2007, specializes in robotic welding for batches of one. But how do you justify a robot system for such low runs? It helps if the system is off the shelf and can be installed in six weeks and be run by two operators instead of eight.

Waiward Steel is a big company with big jobs and stakes its reputation on quality. They supply beams, heavy plate work and other steelwork where piece count may be high and often no two fabrications exactly alike.

SmartTCP is a small company that takes on big jobs that other robot companies don’t want. Winning a job from Waiward Steel is a credit to SmartTCP’s reputation. See Robotics Online for the press release about how Waiward Steel chose SmartTCP for a job 10 years in the making. (SmartTCP Chosen by Waiward Steel to Automate Structural Steel Welding Processes.)

If this blog was of interest, you might want to read another blog about SmartTCP: Fabricating Big, Complex Parts with SmartTCP Robot


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