New (2009) Robotics Industry Directory Examines Green Manufacturing

June 23, 2009

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

RIA Robotics Industry Directory 2009Green manufacturing is still a young trend that requires new thinking, and robots are coming into their prime just in time to solve issues related to environmental responsibility – a topic explored in the new, 2009 Robotics Industry Directory. Copies are shipped free to qualified subscribers who request it from Robotics Online.

Published with environmentally friendly ink on recycled paper, this members-only Directory from Robotic Industries Association has 214 listings. It is filled with unique information about top makers of robots and accessories. Included is a one-of-a-kind “User’s Guide to Robot Systems Integrators.”

This book might be a real collector’s edition, too. Future versions may be quite different or published as flash files. One thing that makes this one so valuable is who’s listed. There are companies with 10, 20 and 30 years or more of membership in the Association. Some of the people listed are legends who pioneered what is now the current state-of-the-industry, and every page leads you to a member that can deal with today’s business concerns.

Why focus on green manufacturing? Robots play a pivotal role in the manufacturing process of everything from solar cells to the blades on wind turbines. On top of that, they help companies improve quality and efficiency which reduces environmental impact from things like waste, re-work and energy expenditure.

Economic development departments and governments around the world can use robots to gain an edge in their efforts to achieve leadership in renewable and alternative energy. Part of the economic growth in this new green era will entail high-technology jobs including robotics.

Robotic Industries Association publishes many resources to help today’s business leaders innovate and automate. From the printed Directory to Robotics Online to a twice monthly newsletter, options are many and convenient. Go to for more on green manufacturing articles, RIA member listings and news about industry events and new products.