Uptick in Robotics and Job News from Robotic Industries Association

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & Public Relations, Robotic Industries Association


Some good news in the global economy is spreading from Japan to the U.S. and it involves robot company FANUC. According to a Reuters report dated March 23, 2009, FANUC, which is an elite Platinum member of Robotic Industries Association, is one of two top “positive contributors to the Nikkei 225.” (The other company cited as a top contributor for this period is Kyocera.)


A weaker yen that helps exports is part of the equation for Japanese companies, but markets also got a boost this week from new details by U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner about how the Obama administration will remove troubled assets from the banking system.


Certainly the auto industry, which needs a healthy lending market, perked up when Geithner spoke about details to bolster the troubled banking market. The robotics industry is as international as it gets, and no doubt the stories from Tokyo and Washington D.C. are connected.


Anything that pushes the needle to the positive side is good for a quick post on Robots in America, the blog site of Robotic Industries Association. RIA also publishes Robotics Online, the most concentrated source of news in the robotics industry. News and information is posted by members of Robotic Industries Association and that gives the site and its members an inside track on important developments in the industry.


Ford Workers Get Reprieve in Cleveland

Sometimes, RIA staff gets unique bits and pieces of news to share online as well. It has been said that Ford (a longtime member of RIA but not the source of this tip) is preparing to reopen its Cleveland Engine Plant where it will begin production of its new EcoBoost engines. (Postings from AOL give this report credence.) This is great news for the Buckeye state where jobs are so closely tied to the automotive industry.


RIA Career Center Welcomes Résumés

Any time people go back to work it merits a spot in a good news column. For those looking for work, RIA provides a Career Center in Robotics Online where resumes can be posted free. RIA’s Career Center is especially good for connecting workers with specialized skills in the robotics industry.


RIA has a special place for companies with a stake in the North American robotics industry. Membership comes with sales and marketing benefits, great public relations opportunities and unmatched networking advantages. Add Robotics Online to your favorites and leave comments on Robots in America when you have something to share.


Spring is here – a time for renewed hope for a stronger economy and we want to help you spread your good news. Give us a try and thanks for reading..!


Brian Huse can be reached at 734/994-6088.


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