Sealing Enthusiasm for Robots

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association


Kids are exposed to high technology ideas all the time at school, and robotics has been a perennial favorite at all grade levels. Teachers and mentors get excited about robotics. Companies like Lego keep turning out new products for school-age children. Homemade robots are popping up in schools and bionic hands are getting a grip in the real world.


Industrial robots hold a charm that most other types of manufacturing equipment will never know. Even so, overhead gantry robots rarely excite fans the way R2D2 does. But as kids gear their imaginations toward robots they can take this enthusiasm into a real career later in life.


Today, robots are gaining acceptance in many places and many ways. Like the sealing process for joining parts on toys and even more serious stuff like medical devices. We wouldn’t want our kids exposed to some of the fumes that emit from the joining process, but we would love for them to be on the team that makes a better mouse trap and improves the world. All the better if they work with robots that do the dirty work. 

Robotics Online covers robotic sealing in mid-March. Thanks to experts on the topic, Robotics Online delves into all the factors that contribute to success with robots for joining applications. Bring your youthful enthusiasm and learn how to incorporate robotics into your business in a budget-friendly way. 


Swirl, bead and multi-nozzle examples depicted.

Swirl, bead and multi-nozzle examples depicted.


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