Why Robotics Online is a Competitive Advantage to RIA Members

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association


According to Google Analytics and as of November 2008, more than 19,000 “Absolute Unique Visitors” go to Robotics Online each month and click around so much they create five times as many “Pageviews” topping 100,000 per month. Thanks to search engine optimization, it is common to see member content indexed and served up by Google within days of a posting to RIA’s site. Robotics Online gives members a competitive advantage in the battle of search engine relevance and corporate sales strategy.


Since it launched in June 2008, more than 120 quote requests (RFQs) were delivered to members through the new site, and 380 inquiries came from Company Profiles (as of late October). Membership makes this possible – members can post free content – and the larger your footprint is the better your chances are of attracting customers.
It should be no surprise that advertisers have greater contact with customers from Robotics Online. More than 28,000 clicks were recorded by advertisers since the time the site launched (through late October).


As good a start as it has been for the new Robotics Online it has only begun to realize its potential. Pageviews are up 21% compared to the old site and at the same time the new site has fewer people “bouncing” off it than was the case for the old one. (A lower bounce rate suggests higher reader satisfaction.)


The fact that bounce rates are down and pageviews are up supports a conclusion that overall visit quality went up with the new site. Engaged visitors are more likely to convert to prospects and business associates. Meanwhile, the volume of absolute unique visitors is on the rise.


Given the statistics from Google Analytics and ad tracking from Robotics Online, RIA members can make a strong business case for membership. Their own sales strategy is enhanced by using Robotics Online as a way to broadcast their sales and marketing story. Any product or service listed on a member site should and can have a page on Robotics Online.


All websites ultimately succeed or fail on the quality of content, and members not only benefit from the performance of Robotics Online, but contribute to its success with news, case studies, technical papers and pages about products and services. RIA has made it possible for members to upload unlimited amounts of content and they are encouraged to keep doing so as a matter of self-interest and to share the benefits of an Association site that promotes and lifts business for the entire robotics industry.








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