MIG Welding, Good Friends, Robots & Mike’s Hard Lemonade

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & Public Relations, Robotic Industries Association

My buddy, my friend, my good neighbor helped me MIG weld my car’s muffler back into place right after I got home from work on a quiet little Thursday. I don’t have the kind of expertise he does – in fact that was my first time ever welding. But I loved it. We got the bracket back on and then the muffler (he he-manned it back into place).

All this cost me was a few bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and a pack of smokes. Considering the price of gas these days, that’s awfully good.

Robots 2008 presented by Robotic Industries AssociationSpeaking of good, I am fortunate to know some other welding experts. In fact some are kind of famous. One is Rich Litt, the president of Robotic Industries Association and a man who built the very successful and highly regarded business: Genesis Systems Group. He and many of his friends who know about robotics are among the most qualified experts in the business. Lucky for us, they decided to speak at Robots 2008.

Another good thing is that many people have already signed up for Robots 2008 and I know they won’t be disappointed; especially if they go to the conference presentations. Even if they don’t, they will see some of the most elite robotics companies at the small trade fair that goes with Robots 2008, and we’ll make sure everyone gets a chance to network and talk about possible solutions.

In many cases, people are signing up just for the tabletop trade fair and that’s great! They will be joined by scores of attendees that stroll over from The Vision Show. But, unlike those with a Vision Show only pass, these folks that pre-register for Robots 2008 can stay for a catered networking reception with exhibitors and speakers from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 11.

Our speakers will talk about important business issues that one must consider when looking at an upgrade from regular automation to robotics. In today’s economy robots should be a welcome addition to any enterprise thanks to how they help stabilize and improve a business so it can attract more work and keep people employed. The upshot is a better bottom line for everyone and that’s what we are going to hear about at Robots 2008.

There is much to talk about in Boston where the theme for Robots 2008 is “What’s Next.” We’ll touch on machine vision and even ways industrial and service robots are converging.

I hope you get your hotel room and airfare now. Register, too (Show only is $30; sessions start for under $300 for tutorials). Hurry — Boston is totally filling up with our show, The Vision Show and a medical related show. Hey students: call me if you want to give a poster session. See all you good people at Robots 2008!

(Call me at 734/994-6088)


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