Price War Favors Travelers to Robots 2008 in Boston

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

There is a price war right now for flights to Boston and Northwest started it.

I can’t thank them enough. This is just in time to book travel for Robots 2008 in Boston, June 10-12. Hotels are filling up fast, but the executive team at Robotic Industries Association is working tirelessly to open up new blocks as others fill. (Thank you, Jeff!)

Price drops on non-stop flights hit suddenly. My ticket to Robots 2008 in Boston was almost $300 cheaper on April 25 compared to what it was on April 23. Registration is growing fast, so I hope a lot of people see this blog in time to get their savings!

How fortunate – but odd – that just when it seemed like the economy might work against us the opposite is happening. Didn’t we all just hear that air fares are going up and airlines are cutting back?

Is this a move to bolster newly announced plans to merge Northwest and Delta? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a sign that now is the time to check out robots for your business.

Hurry – airline price wars never last long and are pretty rare these days. Now we’ve got one, and my ticket to Boston went down hard and fast. Lucky for me, RIA’s senior administrator of membership, Melissa Alderton (who is helping produce Robots 2008), found out how to redeem an airline voucher so we could pass the savings along to our company, Robotic Industries Association.

Don’t wait to get your flight to Boston for Robots 2008. Get a ticket while the airlines are smiling on travelers. I’ll be at Robots 2008 with a big smile of my own as some of the most influential people in the robotics industry assemble for high level meetings. (Welcome to Boston RIA Board!)

If ever there was the time or a place, June in Boston is it for “What’s Next” in robotics. It’s the theme of Robots 2008 which looks at new developments in Next Generation Robots, industrial robots and robot technology for the non-industrial world.


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