Robotics Online 2.0 in the Making

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

Two weeks ago a contract was signed to re-do the Robotic Industries Association Web site. The agreement was the culmination of more than two years of study, committee input, database investigation, specifications writing, a few bidding rounds, and high powered consultation. Meanwhile at RIA, event management continued unwaveringly and membership grew both those years, especially in the user and integrator categories.

In the last two weeks, RIA and its Web developer (AIMG out of New Jersey) opened up the secret lab where ingredients were mixed to grow the DNA of the new Robotics Online site. The new site’s life will have its inspiration drawn from basic building blocks developed about four years ago by RIA’s MARCOM Committee. Also contributing to the magic is bits and pieces from the Statistics Committee, the Membership Committee, the New Markets Committee, the Education Committee, Board members and others with a stake in the robotics industry.

Even people who visited the old site (i.e. the one that’s up while I write this blog) contributed through survey input. The tradition of comprehensive inclusion continues.

Along with a rich heritage, big changes are at hand with the new site. For one thing, database interaction will be enhanced exponentially. Flood gates will open and more data than ever will transfer to site visitors and members. Members will have dashboard access to their corner of a site that is alive with thousands of visitors per day.

Visitors who always have been drawn to the site will have far more to be attracted to when it comes to robotics. Search aids will speed their navigation and increase their productive time on the site. Information will flow from far more sources as the Association enhances its database with more functionality. Results will be easier to get, ever more relevant and increasingly meaningful.

Stage one of the Web site is scheduled to role out in time for Robots 2008: What’s Next. More than 3,000 documents will be touched when it is done. Member’s Only access will be more than rewarding; it will be useful in running a business.

In the last two weeks, we here at the RIA lab have been working on deployment of a new Robotics Online Web site. It started with intense data mining, and will commence with a fury, building at the same time a marketing wave launches for Robots 2008 this June. Look out, cyber world and robot buffs everywhere; Robotics Online “two-point-oh” is in the making.


3 Responses to Robotics Online 2.0 in the Making

  1. Joe Campbell says:

    Halleluiah! We loved it, we hated it, and now it’s time for 1.0 to disappear into the sunset. Or since I’m now a resident of Michigan, home of the longest winters in the civilized universe, it can disappear into the late March snow squall.

    2.0 will be a huge hit, and will address all the quirks, shortcomings, compromises and occasional embarrassments we lived with as 1.0 got long in the tooth. Kudo’s to RIA staff for taking on this monster project. Thanks to Marcom committee members past and present who patiently listed, relisted, and listed again their commentary, direction and recommended features and functions for the new site.

    No more timid cowering when other associations talk about their web presence – I believe this will push RIA to the top of the pack, and will deliver incredible value to our members and the automation community as a whole.

    Looking forward to the launch,

  2. josh madden says:

    can you make a robot theat can soot nuclar blast and fire

  3. brianhuse says:

    A Grand Opening for the new Robotics Online site is around the corner (June 1). As I write this, the effort is pushing the needle into the red. A few RIA committee people have gotten a peek behind the curtain and we have terrific input for perfecting it, and we will never stop making it better even when it is live.

    Above is a comment from Josh that combines the ideas of robots and nuclear applications. Sandia, an RIA member, is doing a lot of cutting edge work on robots for hazardous environments. The new Robotics Online website will allow you to dig into these kind of issues like never before.

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