Holiday Style: Robot & Automation Partners of RIA

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR (RIA)

One way to celebrate a holiday is with a brand new company. DE-STA-CO, a member of Robotic Industries Association for six years, is doing just that – giving themselves the gift of CAMCO-Ferguson – two well-known brands in the automation business.

DE-STA-CO works lean and fills orders the old fashioned way: people helping people. This is made possible by offering everything from clamps and work holding devices of all kinds, to index machines, conveyors and modular automation which of course includes high-tech robots.

Quietly filling more and more holes in the design and build end of the robotics industry, DE-STA-CO now has new “toys” to incorporate into their whole.

With this latest acquisition, the management is blessed with the chance to combine mutual advantages and utilize unique expertise from each part of its new and current business.

For its customers, DE-STA-CO plans to incorporate CAMCO and Ferguson products so they can quickly go from concept to build. These services and products are linked by a company that spans contienents and unites international production technology.

It had been relatively quiet in the automation industry lately. There was a time not long ago when companies were on buying sprees. Then the landscape changed and most companies were looking at ways to capitalize on current assets. Now, it only makes sense to perk up and take notice of the developments at DE-STA-CO.

It was four days before Christmas when I had the opportunity to learn more about this news. I met with John Bubnickovich, Director of Marketing, to see about developments at a newly jumping DE-STA-CO where a good situation is poised to send happy ripples throughout the area.

Speaking of areas, I had a pretty standard Detroit Metro commute on this day to see this special member of RIA. I arrived after fighting through heavy traffic on a cold winter day. The end of the commute was punctuated with the ever impressive sight of the Pontiac Silverdome (once proud home of the Detroit Lions, Monster Jams and even a Led Zeppelin concert), which is just down the road from DE-STA-CO’s headquarters.

The ride and the visit gave me much to think about. I was happy my ultimate destination was a company in a happy position for the new year. It is an honor to spend time with leaders in automation, so I am grateful I had the chance to visit with John. It reminds me that all our members have important business and a competitive landscape that can’t help but produce world-class players.

My best wishes go to all our prestigious members this holiday season, and my hope is that for each and every one the business in 2008 is as strong or stronger than ever. It is always good to hear of someone’s success, so here’s to DE-STA-CO, and here’s to every member of Robotic Industries Association with wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.


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