Industrial Control Repair In Warren, Michigan Experiences Surge in Growth In Face of Michigan’s Difficult Economy

November 30, 2007

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR (RIA)


I’ve been hearing good news about Industrial Control Repair for quite some time, now. An RIA member for seven years, they have prospered under the management team assembled by founder Paul Gutierrez and his partners Don Czerniewski and Glenn Dantes. Their story is a credit to the industry and to all the forward thinking manufacturers who use robots. Considering ICR’s success comes amidst the challenging times in Michigan, it goes to show how robotics can be a boon to global business in general and to a local economy in particular. Here’s a little something I recently received from their company…
Industrial Control Repair headquartered in Warren, a company specializing in industrial electronic and mechanical repair services since 1992, has been experiencing a steady growth climb even during the difficult economy. It has been named the 8th largest Hispanic owned business in Michigan by Crain’s Detroit Business.
 The company which began with two employees now has 150 in the US, Canada and Mexico.   Originally, Industrial Control Repair’s roster of clients included General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and other domestic automotive suppliers. In the last five years, its strategy was changed to focus on gaining business with foreign automotive companies such as Toyota, Honda, BMW, Nissan as well as other non-automotive businesses. This strategy worked and these companies have now become ICR’s largest sources of revenue.
In 2002, the company posted $10 million in revenue, in 2003, $12 million in revenue, in 2004, $16 million in revenue, in 2005, $25 million in revenue, in 2006, $28 million in revenue.  This year, revenue is expected to rise to $33 million. Their fast growth has led them to recently be named the 8th largest Hispanic owned business in the metro Detroit area, according to Crain’s Detroit Business.
To support this fast-growing business, ICR’s employees are working overtime to keep up with the work and a second shift to increase capacity appears to be coming soon. In the near future, the company is also looking to expand its used robot sales and refurbishment operations in Roseville and plans on adding more robotic technicians to their staff.
ICR’s goal is to become North America’s leading industrial services and solutions provider. To accomplish this goal, the company has been diversifying in order to become more of a technical services organization as opposed to being just a repair company. With the recent addition of its state certified learning institute, plans are in the works for a new robotics education center for students looking to prepare for a new career and to further educate ICR’s existing clients’ employees.


Platinum Members Emerge at Top of Industry during Robotics Industry Forum

November 12, 2007

by Brian Huse (Director, Marketing & PR, RIA) 

Four new Platinum members emerged from the Robotics Industry Forum in Orlando last week (November 7-9, 2007) and – along with others at this elite membership level – will be honored in media campaigns throughout 2008. I think it is safe to say this is the biggest news that has come out of the Forum in ages, and is a testament to the energy and leadership of the volunteers in RIA’s Membership Committee.

Two of the new Platinum Suppliers are from the Membership Committee itself: EPSON Robots and Stäubli Robotics. Kuka Robotics also stepped up to Platinum Supplier, and Genesis Systems Group became a Platinum Integrator.

Catherine Morris of ATI Industrial Automation chairs the RIA Membership Committee, and in one morning while at the Forum she and the rest of the group formulated a plan to honor RIA’s supplier and integrator members in the Platinum category. These are companies that pay more for dues; expect more and get more back in benefits; and can always be found at the forefront of the robotics industry.

With the blessing of RIA’s Board of Directors, who also met during the Forum, Chairman Morris spoke to a gathering of the industry’s top companies during the opening networking reception to invite others to join the ranks of Platinum members for special recognition. In the coming months, she explained, their companies will be honored as industry leaders in a print ad campaign with leading trade journals including RIA’s Robotics Industry Directory.

Only at the Forum could there be enough authority on hand that literally overnight the Platinum Supplier category almost doubled from four to seven, and Integrators got a big boost when RIA’s new president, Richard Litt, declared his company, Genesis Systems Group, a Platinum Integrator. Time still remains for other companies to make the choice for Platinum and also be recognized in the upcoming media campaign.

Assembly magazine has been selected as the first media partner for ad placements that highlight Platinum supplier and integrator members. You can contact staff or anyone on the Membership Committee to discuss your options. Today, more than 270 companies belong to RIA as suppliers, integrators, users and consultants, and there is a level of membership that fits any budget and corporate vision.

I want to express my personal appreciation to a group of hard working friends and colleagues who meet every quarter to examine ways to bring more value to RIA members. Volunteers on the Membership Committee include:

Catherine Morris, Chairman (Senior Account Manager, ATI Industrial Automation)
Michael Ferrara (Director, Factory Automation Robotics, EPSON Robots)
Joe Gemma (North American Sales Manager, Stäubli Robotics)
Michael Jacobs (President, Applied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.)
Dave Potter (Vice President, Distribution, FANUC Robotics America, Inc.)
Peter Tarbell (Midwest Regional Manager, Robotics, DENSO Robotics)

Full contact information of these committee members is not listed here to avoid those who might try to harvest such information for spam. I’m happy to connect you with these and others who can talk to you about membership, and of course I can handle inquiries of this nature, too. I can be reached at 734/994-6088 (, or go ahead and leave a comment here — just be sure to leave me a way to reach you.

Join or upgrade today – 2008 will be a great year for all of RIA’s members!