Robots Chip Away at Machining

October 3, 2007

by Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR (RIA) 

Robots are chipping away at CNC type jobs. So far, inroads are modest, but examples are building and interest is growing. We saw some of this at RIA’s Robotic Grinding, Deburring & Finishing Workshop, and just recently Design News published an article that also examines these issues. (Robots Loosen Up)

A lot of RIA members are mentioned in the article, and it also highlights the Association’s new study on hybrid sensors, which is another trend worth watching.

In the Design News article, it mentions how a robot workcell is used to cut stone. Funny … one of the speakers at the Robotic Grinding, Deburring & Finishing Workshop was telling me that stone and granite cutting technology has become so advanced and efficient that products such as countertops are driving a surge in sales for that industry. (Amazing what you can learn while networking at RIA events!)

Soon, RIA will carve out a new series of application workshops for 2008. Machining and related topics will be under consideration. Let us know if you have any special interests for our courses. You can reach me at 734/994-6088 (, or leave a comment below.