A Gift to Our Industry from Don Vincent: A Strong and Growing Association

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR 

How many people get to be with a company for more than 30 years, run it for more than 20, hold it together as staff comes and goes and business ebbs and flows, plus travel the world making new friends, saying goodbye to others who are called to another place, and in the end retire at the top of their game? Don Vincent is one person I know who can claim this feat.

Today, at a young and vibrant age of 65, Don retires.

He has given us a wonderful gift after all these years: a strong business with a bright future. He has made so many good decisions and done so many nice things for us and others, that his spirit and legacy will always be at the core of our Association, and we are so much the better for that.

Our little Association staff will have a quiet, low key farewell lunch with Don and his wife, Kelley, and his daughter Amy, today. His family has been just as important to us as Don has. Kelley has been at Don’s side every step of the way, and she often shares funny little stories with us (sometimes at Don’s expense). Of course, none of us will forget how Kelley wraps beautiful presents in giant, glorious, handmade bows (the highlight of our holiday party in December is choosing from her creations – all of us save the bows!).

Don isn’t done in the industry. He has been invited to functions by our members, and has been appointed to bestow the Joseph F. Engelberger Awards each year if Joe himself cannot travel. He may be involved in other ways, too. He has said he hopes to have a working retirement.

I can’t speak for others, but everyone on the staff has made it known how much they love and honor Don. Most of us have been with him for years. He has helped me grow personally and professionally for more than 10 years, and I’ve seen him invest time and energy into others on staff all throughout that stretch.

Today, we celebrate Don’s retirement. If you are reading this, keep him in mind. I’m sure he’d love to hear from friends and colleagues. Happy retirement, Don!


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