Show Packed with Demands and Fun

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR (RIA) 

Every day of the International Robots & Vision Show was packed with demands and responsibilities, and with only 10 or so of us onsite from the Association for probably 5,000 attendees plus exhibitors, I am afraid I wasn’t able to keep a running diary on this blog. We had a fun time, though, and thank you to everyone who visited, exhibited, spoke and checked in with us. (And if you are reading this, thank you for taking a moment online!)

We won’t have final numbers from the Show for a while, but all signs point toward the best turnout in perhaps a decade. We’ll know better after any duplicates and non-standard records are eliminated from the data, but we can tell that in the first two days the results are up 35% over the same initial data two years ago, which is the last time we held the Show. Conference turnout is up even more, with more than 450 classroom attendees over the four days of sessions.

Our big Gala Dinner was Wednesday, with at least 250 VIPs on hand to celebrate winners of the prestigious Joseph F. Engelberger and Robots & Vision User Recognition Awards. We also had a celebration for Donald A. Vincent, Executive Vice President of Robotic Industries Association, who retires at the end of June.

The Board of Directors and Don’s long-time right-hand man, Jeff Burnstein, paid tribute to our leader, and his whole family was there to mark the occaision. Even Joseph F. Engelberger, who is in his 80’s and unable to travel like he once did, found a way to be there by video. If you haven’t heard, Don has been selected to take over in bestowing the Engelberger awards when Mr. Engelberger himself cannot make it, so the bridge remains strong between the first years of the industry and the latest developments.

It is my honor to be a small part of the record, and I’m sure Jeff and others in the industry will elaborate. This is just a quick recap, and there was so much that happened, I hope to blog about many other things that happened. (For instance, this Show led to my first-ever experience riding a Segway, and the same can be said for many others who were there, plus we had fun with a racetrack near the booth, and the list goes on.)

A new era is opening up for the Association, and it will only get more interesting from here. See you next time!


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