Android Twin Comes to Life on the Night Before the Show

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR (RIA) 

Just before stepping up to the keyboard at the Cyber Cafe at the International Robots & Vision Show, I walked past the android “Twin” sitting in a chair at the Xi’an Superman booth. It’s night, and the place is pretty empty, so as you might imagine that adds a surreal quality to the experience.

What you don’t know is how realistic the Twin is. I’ve seen pictures, and maybe you’ve seen them, too, but that is not at all like the actual experience. As I leaned in to check out the whiskers on its face and in its ears, the mole on its forehead and all the other details, I was amazed by the detail (like a figure at Madame Trousseau’s Wax Museum).

Apparently the union guys that unpacked the crate were not quite prepared for what was inside, which (I’m told) led to a funny little incident.

So, tonight the hall is empty and it is fun to let your imagination wander, but tomorrow it will be full and exciting, and the reality of “what can be” is just amazing. 

This is probably the best robot show I’ve been to yet given all the new technology. Each time we do this Show that has been true in one way or another, but now there are two armed industrial robots that have a distinct resemblance to a torso. Machine vision allows industrial robots to be more interactive with the environment. Huge robots more than a story tall can lift whole cars, and small robots are grabbing candy and bolts from random positions. It’s all here, and I am very lucky to see it from the inside. 

Chicago Fox News in the Morning is going to be here in the morning to get footage of the different service robots and industrial arms, so you might get a chance to see that on TV. Other media teams are expected, too, so coverage will be pretty good locally. Maybe nationally if we’re lucky. 

Meanwhile, I am having a terrific time. In fact, as I was typing, Mr. Zou and his daughter, Becco, walked in and I was introduced to the Twin’s creator live and in person. It felt amazing to stand there with him, and even though he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Chinese, it was a very warm and genuine moment. I’ll tell this story many times in my life, I am quite sure.  

I’ll try to keep you posted on the Show, so stay tuned to this blog. I’ll be at booth 1771, so look me up and let me know if you saw this little posting online. Or leave a message below. Either way, in the words of the rock group, Saliva: Ladies and Gentlemen … welcome to the show! (I hope you can be here – it’s going to be great!)


2 Responses to Android Twin Comes to Life on the Night Before the Show

  1. Jessica Anderson says:

    My fiance is working the Sony Dishwasher Booth as well as another booth for his company, Shafi Inc. I got to see it on Saturday, when they were still just beginning to set up. It’s pretty amazing I hear. I wish I could go but I can’t take time off.


  2. Brian Huse says:

    Jessica, thank you for leaving a little note. I love getting feedback! Chicago’s Fox News filmed the dishwashing robot at the Sony booth, and we hope to get footage of that, so you may still have a chance to see it even though you couldn’t be there in person.

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