Exciting Secrets and Good Times at Robots & Vision Show

We can’t wait to see everyone at the International Robots & Vision Show. I’ve never seen quite so much excitement built into this event, and soon we’ll be in the middle of a whirlwind of activity with lots of exhibitors, a good crowd and plenty of action.

Our biggest and worst kept secret is that Don Vincent, who has been Executive Vice President of RIA since 1983 (and helped found it in 1974) will be honored at the Gala Awards Dinner on Wednesday. He retires at the end of the month, so you can imagine how huge this is for all of us. But unless you go and see for yourself, you’ll have to wait for me to blog about everything that happens. (You can still get tickets online or at the Show.)

One thing that is not a secret is how this Show pulls together friends and business associates who, like Don, are great sources of knowledge and expertise about technology that has been around for only a few decades. (We often tag the launch of the industry to 1961 when Joseph F. Engelberger sold the first industrial robot to General Motors.)

This is a tight industry, and if you use the Association you will meet some of the most interesting and amazing people. Events like this Show and our many regional events are incredibly valuable networking opportunities where you make friends, learn about new technology and discover new ways to make it work for you. In fact, as a token of our appreciation for your time at the Show, we have some great membership offers for first-timers (full details are at our booth – 1771).

It’s great if you can come see us, and sometimes I have the good fortune of seeing RIA members with little trips to their facilities. I just found this picture from February 29 when I went across Michigan to visit Dane Systems, an RIA member for eight years. It was 20 degrees Fahrenheit and the snow was piling up near Lake Michigan when I stopped there. I got to see first hand several systems they had going – they do such a great job of making small enclosures packed with equipment, I was really impressed! Dane has served the automotive market for years, and says they have seen more and more demand for robots over the last two years. Be sure to see them at booth 2014 in the Robotics Integrator Pavilion, where they might treat you to lunch or you could win an iPod (click here to see their special offer to Show attendees).

On that same snowy trip in January, I saw Dick Hewitt at Hammond Machinery, who along with Skip Erlbacher of Pushcorp and John Barry of 3M, are helping to plan the Robotic Grinding, Deburring & Finishing Workshop which is September 17-19, 2007, in Minneapolis, MN. If you are interested in this event, please see me at booth 1771.

Our National Robot Safety Conference is gearing up for October 1-4 in Indianapolis, Indiana, so if your are interested in that event, stop by and talk with me or Jim Adams in booth 1771, or see Jeff Fryman at Robot Safety booth 1854.

For association news on motion control and machine vision, look for Dana Whalls either at booth 1771 or in the Motion Control Pavilion.

You can do a lot of business at the International Robots & Vision Show, and you can have a lot of fun, too. It’s worth it to make connections with experts and people that can help your business and your career. I know the Association staff is excited to be there for you and for all the big milestones this Show represents. This Show is only every two years, so please come if you can!


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  1. Mom says:

    Hi Rachy!

    Yeah, I would love a robot to do my dishes Every DaY!!

    Luv, Mom

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