International Robots & Vision Show Segways Into New Era

by Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, RIA 

blog-segway-picture.jpgIf you haven’t heard yet, the Keys to Success Sweepstakes Grand Prize is a Segway at the International Robots & Vision Show. We’ll even cover the first $500 in shipping – that’s practically to the moon. You can win other prizes, too, including some “nitro” gas powered RC Cars, a TomTom ONE GPS navigational unit for your car or bike, and even a Guitar Hero / Playstation 2 game pack (includes the Playstation).

We’ve got games and more prizes, and the Show will be a pretty fun place to be, plus the exhibitors are getting into it. Some are doing hands-on demonstrations for the Hands-On Highway, and others are announcing new products, and they all are bringing out their best stuff. Robots and vision products are absolutely amazing these days.

What you see at this Show is approaching the cool factor you hear about at the Consumer Electronics Show. We even have a hard charging act out of Asia, where a robot “Twin” will make his big debut outside of China. ABC in Chicago wanted to do an in-studio interview with our new friend, Mr. Zou and his android double, but the pair are landing in the U.S. barely in time for the Show after a long struggle for a visa.

Meanwhile, everyone at the office is going full bore to get ready for this Show and Conference. Dana Whalls is heading up the Conference and arranging onsite details. Jim Adams is coordinating a Career Center jobs board for our booth and generating important PR – plus he got us the cool NASCAR track with remote control cars. Sarah Le Couffe is handling everything for registration and loose ends all over the place for the Show and Conference.

Here’s a little tidbit few others know: Saroj Motwani, our Member Services Administrator, is expecting her first baby on June 24 and is not going to the Show. We probably should have tried to sell a sponsorship for that. (Tune in later when we all find out her baby’s name and preference for pink or blue.)

There are so many unsung heroes at work to make this Show and Conference a success. Arika Iles handles millions of details and is pulling together a terrific bookstore where you can visit her. Sharon Adams, who remembers more Shows than most of us, makes sure all the bills get paid and will step in for Saroj when the time comes.

Jeff and Don, who have guided the Association for years, are masters of the big picture, and will paint a new scene at the end of June that has Don riding off into the sunset while Jeff gathers up the reins and takes us to new destinations.

Whatever course we chart, you’ll hear about it on the ‘Net, and that wouldn’t be possible without Carrie Warolin and Suzanne Worsham, our Webmasters and designers of all things online (and sometimes in print).

As for me, I send out a lot of messages and get a chance to work with a lot of truly good and remarkable people in the industry as I take care of marketing and PR issues for the Show.

When I started with RIA more than 10 years ago, one of the first things I learned is that robot safety is a hallmark of the industry and the Association. We owe a lot of that to Jeff Fryman, who will be at the Show and Conference helping spread the word about important standards and safety issues.

Paul Kellett, of Kellett’s Corner, is another secret to our success, and he oversees studies and gathers facts and figures to help you interpret trends and situations in our industries.

One fact you can’t ignore is this is our last International Robots & Vision Show with Don Vincent as Executive Vice President and, who along with his wife Kelley, are the most liked people I know. You may have seen or heard about his tribute at the Robotics Industry Forum, where one person after another stood up and emphasized how nice Don is when they spoke about him. And everyone included Kelley in their comments – she is admired by all and as wonderful as they come.

It’s a big year for us. One of change, yet stability. A strong Show on the rise, and prospects for even more success. Technology that is blurring the lines between industrial and service applications. It’s a good time to be part of the Association. Please join us as we move into a new era. See you at the Show..!


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