Fun & Prizes at Robots & Vision Show Booth 1771

Posted by Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, May 24, 2007

irvs-prizes-004.jpgIf you are reading this, you get a scoop on some prizes we’ll give away at the International Robots & Vision Show, June 12-14, 2007. I went to Best Buy recently and purchased Guitar Hero 2 (game and controller) and Test Drive Unlimited for PlayStation 2. Oh, yeah. I got a PlayStation 2 console, too. (Wii was sold out, as usual!)

I also ordered six radio-controlled cars (the kind you put fuel into and as soon as you fire it up, all the neighbor kids come running). Plus there is a TomTom GPS navigation system in the mix, and we’ll have gift cards for gas so you can fuel up your family car.

Plus we have three video iPods for the Show & Go Giveaway. Then there’s the grand prize, but I’ll blog about that later.

All of the action will be at booth 1771, where we also have a NASCAR racetrack with cars you can race from remote control steering wheels. All three sponsors of the Show, RIA, AIA and MCA, will be at the booth, and we want it to be a place where you can go and have fun, plus learn more about how Association membership drives your success.

See you at the Show!

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2 Responses to Fun & Prizes at Robots & Vision Show Booth 1771

  1. atrimpi says:

    The itrony that a temporary mobility injury prevents me from attending the robot show is not lost on me. Can we include more remote attendance to the exhibitions/ demonstrations/ show floor?

  2. brianhuse says:

    I’ll do my best to help “virtua attendees” see what they missed! Sorry things didn’t work out for “atrimpi,” but I can appreciate the twist of fate in this situation. Hope all is well soon!

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