Sponsored User Membership Campaign

(a.k.a. Subject Line Needed)

All RIA committees have been asked to participate in a new user member campaign developed in concert by RIA’s Membership Committee and MARCOM Committee, with full endorsement from Trevor Jones, President, Robotic Industries Association.


Each committee member is asked to sponsor a new member in the User Silver category. There is no charge to the sponsor or to the new member, however only companies that use or are contemplating the use of robots in their manufacturing process are qualified for the offer.


According to Catherine Morris, Chairman of the Membership Committee, the goal is to bolster the user ranks which in turn benefits all members with more networking opportunities. She emphasizes that the membership is by invitation only, and this exclusivity is part of the value of the offer. Users currently make up 20% of RIA’s member ranks.


Each sponsor is limited to 10 companies they can recruit for “free,” however the actual retail value is $150. Please emphasize the sponsorship aspect when recruiting. An html document for your recruiting convenience has been created and sent to all committee members under separate cover. If you need it again, contact the Webmaster at webmaster@robotics.org, or call 734/994-6088.


Current RIA User Members

User Silver Membership Benefits


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