New Robots & Vision Show Site Debuts with Strong Google PageRank!

We’ve just launched a brand new Web site for the International Robots & Vision Show, and as soon as it went live, it had a solid Google PageRank of five. The site was designed and produced 100% by our Association staff in a few short days thanks largely to part-time Webmaster, Carrie Warolin ( I may be unduly biased, but I think she did a great job – thanks Carrie!

Emphasis on Hands-on Demos at the Show

A lot of emphasis is going into a new strategy to cultivate hands-on demonstrations at exhibits on the Show floor. Here are the criteria for participation in the Show’s Hands-on Highway:

• There is a hands-on, self-guided demo in the booth 
• Four minutes is the time limit for hands-on demos
• Demos must communicate “ease of use” of the technology

Hands-on Highway maps and other collateral will help attendees find these demos. We will create opportunities for visitors to plan ahead so they can incorporate the Hands-on Highway in their Show experience. Thanks to the Hands-on Highway and other interactive arrangements, this is now more than a trade show. It is an interactive experience that answers questions about the technology that no amount of Web surfing can answer. 

We are grateful to the Show Committee for guiding us toward creating this new activity for attendees. Their input, and that of other committees, is what shapes the strategy and tactics for the International Robots & Vision Show and many other Association endeavors.

Let Me Answer Your Questions (Click here for the form)

You may have questions on how to participate in the Hands-on Highway, or on other aspects of the Show and Conference. We feel confident that companies of any size can participate, and I’m happy to help you figure out how. Post comments and questions here, or contact me directly at (734/994-6088).


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