Picking a Hotel for the National Robot Safety Conference

Unfortunately, I didn’t do a personal site inspection the last time RIA held its National Robot Safety Conference in the Cincinnati area at the Drawbridge Inn. It looked great on paper. The room rates were right ($79 a night). In fact, the hotel was very good in working with our group, plus it was right next to a great rib joint. But not everyone loved it. According to some attendees, the guest rooms were a bit shabby.


If we were going to come back to Cincinnati, we needed to be sure our attendees were comfortable. The National Robot Safety Conference is a four day event, and most of our group will see the inside of a guest room quite a bit.


So I packed up my bags and hit the road to check out the Holiday Inn Eastgate, near Cincinnati. In fact, this trip is what set the stage for RIA’s first ever blog, since I was able to schedule some stops with RIA members on the way to and from the hotel.


If you go to the Holiday Inn Eastgate, be sure to try the ribs at O’Charley’s (next to the hotel). At the hotel, you’ll find that they have lots of good meeting space and a nice atrium. As far as the guest rooms, they are small and okay, but age is creeping up on them. The wallpaper in my room had a rip at one of the seams, but the amenities were totally fine. However, be warned: there is no place to plug in your laptop for Internet service, but they do have wireless.


The Holiday Inn Eastgate could have held the National Robot Safety Conference, but we also had our eyes on some properties in Indianapolis. Jeff Fryman, RIA’s director of standards development, was there doing a site inspection at the same time I was in Cinci, and as I would learn later, the Marriott really wanted our business.


If you’re wondering where the 2007 National Robot Safety Conference will be, we just booked it at the Indianapolis Marriott East. Jeff should blog about that. He came back with a story about royal treatment and the chocolates to prove it. Anyway, mark your calendar for October 1-4, and check the Robotics Online Web site for details.


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