High Flying Robot Companies in Michigan

Three integrators of robots and automation were gracious enough to see me for a quick road trip today through Michigan. While on the road I had a chance to catch up on the news and I heard an amazing story about an eagle in Juneau, Alaska that killed the power there when it got tangled in the electric grid as it went airborne with a deer head. 

Let that sink in for a moment. An eagle carrying a deer head? 

This was on my mind as I drove on I-94 eastbound from the southwest corner by Lake Michigan to Detroit. Lake effect snow was everywhere, piled high and getting deeper. Major stretches of roads were icing up, and I had just gained new insights into slick new robot technology for baking buns; for grinding masonry tools; and for automotive assembly.

The companies I saw (LeMatic in Jackson, Michigan, Hammond Roto-Finish in Kalamazoo, Michgian, and Dane Systems in Stevensville, Michigan), stoked me up with new stories to share, and I shall in the next few days. This is just a quick salute on a day that was marked by such a fantastic story about nature that it gave me some perspective for our own technological ambitions. One thing I’m learning first hand: RIA members sure know their stuff! Hope you’ll come back for more as I compile my notes.


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